Quran Translation

“Things that are learned at an early age are learned at a quicker pace and stay with you for the rest of your lifetime’’ 

About Quran Translation Course: 

Asra Educators is one of the reliable and famous organizations for learning Quran Tafseer courses Online. With our Quran Tafseer course, learn the meaning of the verses of the Quran and their context in depth. We have scholars who have mastered Tafseer and the translation of the Quran into English and Urdu language. 

People these days are so much busy in their lives that even when they have the time they would rather be using their cellphones or other electronic gadgets than understanding Quran, however learning Quran Tafseer is not possible by just reading its meaning from a book, but it is very necessary to understand it under the supervision of qualified and experience Islamic scholars or online Tafseer Quran teachers who know the Arabic language, the Arabic Grammar and Hadith and basic principles of Islamic Shariah. 

You will learn to comprehend the commandments of Allah mentioned in the Holy Book. Whether you want to learn Tafseer of the entire Quran or any specific chapter (Surah), get connected to us. 

Just let us know about the type of online Quran Tafseer course you are looking for and then start your sessions with our Islamic Scholars. Before you continue, schedule your FREE trial Tafseer class with us to know how our tutors teach you. 

Contents and Goals: 

  • The word and its classification 
  • The cause of revelation of each Surah. (Known as Asbab Al-Nuzul) 
  • The importance of the Surah. 
  • Lessons learned from each Surah. 
  • Learning the meaning of Arabic words. 
  • Vocabulary. 
  • The time and place of each Surah’s revelation 
  • Virtues of surahs. 
  • Word explanation with root letters from the authentic books of Tafseer. 

How Will You Learn? 

The teachers will first translate the verses. Then, they will explain it to you. This explanation is called Tafseer. If you do not understand anything, you will have to ask openly. The next day, the teacher will briefly ask about the previous lesson. Having assured himself, he will move on to the next lesson.