Important Duas

Encourage your children to learn duas from a very young age. Our Dua Book consists of numerous duas that your kids should start memorizing at an early age. The Dua Book comprises 4 grades.  

Grade 1 includes basic duas, such as duas before eating, before sleeping, before going to the toilet, etc.  

Grade 2 consists of duas like before ablution (wudhu), entering masjid etc. Similarly, Grades 3 and 4 include some advanced duas. Our Qualified male and female teachers would teach the students how to recite all these duas. 

A brief description of the course: 

At online platforms, you or your kids can learn how to recite Dua the right way in Arabic, the preferable times to make Dua (Supplication), and the decorum of supplication (Dua). Our Islamic tutors will teach you Duas or daily supplication from authentic books of Hadith & the holy book of the Quran. Basically, these supplications are the essence of Quranic teachings and verses. The learning of Islam and reciting Dua on a daily basis makes us nearest to Allah (SWT) and makes us better Muslims. So, hurry up and join the daily dua course online.