Nazra-Quran is considered as one of the most acknowledged and one of the most prioritized Quran recitation online course which is generally available on multiple online platforms and one of the most acknowledged one among all of them is known as al Quran online where one can have this facility to read the Quran online. As it is considered as one of the most acknowledged platforms as the instructors are highly qualified and certified having complete knowledge about Quran recitation. The Holy book is extremely important and prior to everything for Muslims.

learning new skills

Most people look for an online Quran tutor to recite and to learn Quran Pak online. The availability of Quran e Pak online has made things extremely smooth and easier for people especially Muslims to learn and to recite this holy book. There are several online platforms where you can learn about Quran e Pak, but one thing that is extremely important is to look for the best possible platform to get the best knowledge from this holy book.

Nazra-Quran Course

The Nazra Quran is considered an online platform where you can learn about all the basics of the Quran as the certified and verified instructors are available on these platforms having complete knowledge about this holy book. The facility of this course is extremely prioritized by the Muslims because in the West friend world it becomes extremely difficult for the Muslims to learn the basics of the Quran. Most Muslim authorities also are looking to take these courses into considerations regardless of the language, so it is extremely important for Muslims to learn and to reflect on their life as per the directions of the Quran.

About the course

The Nazra-e-Quran course is all about reading the holy book along with full explanations and translation and to understand this holy book it is also important to understand all these things of Allah as given in this holy book. It is also considered as a very basic course that has given all the directions especially to the kids and big nerds who are looking to learn about the basics of Quran and there is no need to worry about language ‘because there is a facility of language selection where you can look for any of your languages to recognize the words of Quran and to pronounce them correctly.

Course objectives

– The horse is specially designed in such a way so that it can identify all types of languages especially the Arabic language along with the understanding of basic Arabic letters and their pronunciation.

– The Nazra Quran course is also designed so that you can learn about the sentences of Arabic along with their recitation without any mistake and to learn these basics you can always take the help of the instructors who are available on these platforms 24/7 and they are specially certified so that they can give you all the directions necessary for understanding the translation and explanation of the holy book.

– The first step in the course objective is all about completing the Qaida which is considered as the first step in this course and the second step is all about Nazra and with the help of verbal explanation you cannot just read but also learn about the Quran.

Features of the course

This course is considered as an elementary course where you can learn about the basics of Quran and it is also considered as the best for the beginners especially for your kids where they will learn about the understanding of Quran and how to pronounce the Arabic words to have the best possible building foundation for the learning of Quran.

Benefits of the course

– There is literally no doubt about the fact that there are vast benefits of learning and reciting the Quran in a perfect manner because it is considered a blessing from Allah.

– After taking the classes from this course you will not only be able to memorize but also will be able to learn about the basics of the Quran along with its beneficial aspects.

  • The best thing about taking this course is that after taking this course you will be able to teach this holy book to others because you will be licensed to teach as per the directions of the courses available online.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course completely varies from age of the child but the age of a child ranging from 4 to 10 years has a duration of 400 hours for this course however children ranging from the age of 6 to 15 have a duration of 300 hours in order to learn about the basics of this course and the students aged from 15 to 25 years can learn this course in 250 hours but all the students above the age of 25 years have to pay attention to 200 hours to get the certification of this course.

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