What is the specific difference between Asraeducators and others?

Plainly put, Institutes providing online training these days, usually use websites or Videos for training on high price while, Asraeducators imparts online live interactive training on low price in which you can listen to your teacher and FAQ.

Why online training?

Time is the biggest economy therefore, in order to save your precious time; we impart 1-hour’ training thrice in a week and 12 days in a month. You don’t have to visit an institution, just by utilizing your computer and internet you can attend your class from anywhere. It is live one to one class, You will be able to ask queries directly to the teacher.

Why do you offer a free Trial?

We offer a free trial in order to let you know about our teaching methodology and how useful it is for you. We offer this free trial without any cost or obligation. Strongly believe and recommend mutual understanding.

What are the time slots I can choose from?

It’s not an issue at all. We have three different time Slots available for the students. Therefore, you can choose any one that suits you the best. We keep our schedule simple, flexible and manageable

What do I Need to start online training?

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. And yes, a strong desire and will for learning

How Much time is required to complete the entire course?

Normally, our courses are carefully designed and spread across 8 months. But, the teacher can bitterly decide the tenure after assessment and evaluation of a student’s performance. If a student has capacity and basic knowledge of the course, the teacher may wind it up within few months otherwise, the vice versa. In short, this decision belongs to a teacher.

Do I have to pay up front for the entire course?

Yes, as usual. We know that all institutes and academies have the tradition to demand for up-front payment and we do likewise. Though, “down payment and instalment” process is more flexible than payment in advance but we share this policy with other institutes.

Can I reschedule my class if I cannot attend or if I have missed a class?

You can reschedule your class timing provided we are informed in advance. When it seems that you cannot take the class owing to social and professional barriers, we advise you to inform us through mail before the occurrence of such situation. Then we will compensate certainly. Otherwise, we are free of any obligation if you do not inform us.

Can I get any discount in the fee?

Yes. According to our policy, if a person referred by you signs up with us, you will get discount in that month’s fee.

Is there any limit for referrals?

No, there is no limit for referrals, supposedly, if you have 4 “referrals”, you will be declared exempted for that entire month. If you have 5 “referrals”, we will deposit 25% of your monthly fee in your account. What else do you need!

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